Living Agile: Embrace change and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable

How do you feel about change? Is your fear of change keeping you from reaching your goals? Learn how embracing change, a growth mindset and being comfortable being uncomfortable can help you reach your goals or overcome challenges.

Living Agile: Breaking down your BIG goals

Do you have BIG dreams but have no idea how to start pursuing them? Or do you have some challenge to face and don’t feel like you are equipped to overcome it? Learn how Sara uses agile and scientific methods to gain the knowledge and experience she needs and how you can do the same.Continue reading “Living Agile: Breaking down your BIG goals”

Real deal or too good to be true?

Have you ever been scammed or felt like someone wasted your time because they were promising something you wanted but was too good to be true? In today’s episode I share my criteria for determining when something is the real deal or no deal with personal and professional examples. Also need to shout outContinue reading “Real deal or too good to be true?”

Help others to help yourself

Teaching…I tried to avoid it but it’s my nature. I have found a unique path for my love of education and I hope everyone can find their niche and share with others too. Helping others can help you communicate, be confident and be a leader.