Real deal or too good to be true?

Have you ever been scammed or felt like someone wasted your time because they were promising something you wanted but was too good to be true? In today’s episode I share my criteria for determining when something is the real deal or no deal with personal and professional examples.

Also need to shout out to my chiropractor, Dr. Jade Meylor and his great staff! They have made me feel so welcome and comfortable when I was very anxious. I highly recommend anyone in the Kansas City area visit them for acupuncture or chiropractic services. They are the real deal!


Openness: scrum value #2

Openness: it’s not easy always being honest but it’s important to be successful when interacting with others. How do you stay open and foster honesty in your teams?

Hope you enjoy this episode sharing important wisdom from “The Four Agreements”, one of my favorite books!

Help others to help yourself

Teaching…I tried to avoid it but it’s my nature. I have found a unique path for my love of education and I hope everyone can find their niche and share with others too. Helping others can help you communicate, be confident and be a leader.

Cinco de Mayo: Agile take: Small but mighty teams should be celebrated

For years I have dreamed of having a podcast but for many reasons I kept telling myself to forget about it. Then I met Agile Dad and started doing some business agility coaching for him…and now he has invited me to contribute to his podcast every Wednesday. Please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts or come back to my site every week for links to the new episodes.