Why hire Sara Bierman for coaching?

For AgileDad’s 300th episode of The Daily Standup, Lee invited me to share my personal approach to coaching and why coaches from AgileDad are different.

Openness: scrum value #2

Openness: it’s not easy always being honest but it’s important to be successful when interacting with others. How do you stay open and foster honesty in your teams? Hope you enjoy this episode sharing important wisdom from “The Four Agreements”, one of my favorite books! https://www.agiledad.com/podcast/episode/25d65895/reviewing-the-scrum-values-openness

Cinco de Mayo: Agile take: Small but mighty teams should be celebrated

For years I have dreamed of having a podcast but for many reasons I kept telling myself to forget about it. Then I met Agile Dad and started doing some business agility coaching for him…and now he has invited me to contribute to his podcast every Wednesday. Please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts orContinue reading “Cinco de Mayo: Agile take: Small but mighty teams should be celebrated”